The best ways to protect your iPhone X

iphone x tempered glass screen protector

The iPhone X is bigger than ever. And maybe it's the most beautiful iPhone so far. At least from my perspective. 

But since it has been released in November 2017 until today, there have been many situations when users have faced the frustrating and expensive scenario in witch the screen has broken. In fact, many users consider it to be the most breakable iPhone so far, despite Apple claiming that the new iPhone has the most durable screen available on the market at the moment. 
A series of tests by Square Trade showed that the screen of the iPhone X can break very easily if it's dropped from a height of only 6 feet.
Basically, if you drop it from head's level, there's a big chance to break it.
In spite of all these inconveniences, Apple charges a staggering $ 279 for a screen replacement. Indeed, this amount is lower than the price of a new phone, but do you know what's cheaper still? Don't break it in the first place.
Here are 4 ways to protect your phone:

1. Use a protective case

The new iPhone X is a gorgeous phone indeed. And placing it in a bulky case can take away the feeling of holding such a beautiful design. After all, design can be the most important aspect when choosing a phone. But that's what you have to do in order to protect it from accidental drops. 

2. Use a screen protector

This may be the best way to protect it while keeping the sleek design of the phone visible. For an investment of less than 20$ you can protect a +$1000 device. In the unfortunate case of dropping your iPhone, the protector will break while absorbing the impact, so the screen can remain intact. There are many types of compatible screen protectors available on the market. We recommend using a multi layer tempered glass one. These protectors can have up to 6 layers of protection. The first layer is a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that protect against sweat and oil residue from your fingers while the subsequent layers deal with the absorption of the mechanical shocks the phone will experience in the scenario of being dropped. 

3. Get a grip

This is also a good option for protecting your iPhone X. Upgrading to a larger screen phone is making more difficult to use the phone with one hand. Fortunately there are many products designed to give you a better grip on your phone, to hook your fingers so your thumb is free to roam farther. However, the risk of accidentally dropping your phone still exist, so combining this option with a using a screen protector can be a very useful solution. 

4. Buy a insurance 

All the major carriers offer iPhone insurance policies, but they're expensive. In most cases you're better off with AppleCare, though Apple charges a hefty $199 for an iPhone X AppleCare+ policy. It offers two years of protection -- including up to two "incidents" of accidental damage. You'll pay another $29 for screen repair, akin to a deductible. Whatever you decide, an insurance plan is likely to end up costing less than a $279 screen repair, especially if you manage to break the screen twice in two years.

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