Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I eliminate the bubbles?
Before installing the screen protector, please make sure to clean the screen as the instruction in the package and in our instructional video. If you still have bubbles after the installation, here are some tips to deal with the problems. If the bubble is big, please tilt one corner of the screen protector to eliminate it, then place the protector back to its position. If tiny bubbles are still present, please press them for about 1 minute, till the air bubble disappear.

Is it really tempered glass or is it plastic?
We have chosen one of the highest standard glass, AGC (Asahi Glass) that is nearly on the same level of Corning Glass used by Apple to ensure the safety of customers. Furthermore, to prevent the customers from the danger of breaking glasses, we set high standards to our product line and take 6 times of tempering time on the glass to make sure the screen protector won’t be shattered when it is broken.

Is the phone a lot thicker with the glass applied?
The thickness of the screen protector is only 0.3mm, and it's just like your iPhone original glass screen.

Why is the tempered glass screen protector broken or shattered?
Tempered glass has been reinforced for hours to increase the strength in order to provide better protection for your phone screen. Compared with ordinary glass with the same thickness, the tempered glass could withstand 3 to 5 times external force impact. Therefore, it will decrease a lot the risk of screen-shattering when dropping or crashing the phone accidentally. The Screen protector will share most of the external force impact. However, if the external force has exceeded its bearing capacity or impact the phone in particular angle, it will break up itself to protect the screen.

Does it come with a cleaning wipe to use prior to placing the screen protector on the phone?
The package content includes the installation kit with the following items: 

  • 2 x 2D Screen Protectors
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Dust-removal sticker
  • Wet wipes
  • Installation manual

Why is the 2D screen protector size smaller than my iPhone screen? Does this cover the whole screen?
Due to the iPhone's curved edges, the screen protector is designed to be smaller than the actual screen to prevent bubbling and peeling off. That’s the reason it will naturally leave gaps around the edge. If you have any concerns about this, it’s strongly recommended to buy our full coverage 3D screen protector.

Does it leave fingerprints?
Please be informed that anti-fingerprint means that your fingerprint could be easily wiped out and wouldn't stay on the screen protector permanently. We suggest you could use a piece of cloth to wipe the fingerprints, it should be wiped out easily.

Does screen protector affect sensitivity? Does it affect the 3D functions?
No, TEKRAGE screen protector won't affect the touch sensitivity and 3D function since the thickness of the screen protector is only 0.3mm. The screen protector is just like your iPhone original glass screen.

What is the sensitivity like on the screen once you have fitted one of the screen protectors?
Our premium tempered glass makes this screen protector much smoother than plastic alternatives. Fingers glide across just like your original glass screen. Furthermore, the edge is polished by complicated machine for many times after high-speed cutting, so as to get the perfect 2.5D arc edge, providing a smooth operating feel and preventing the glass edge from scratching hands.

How to avoid the dirt pits?
Every TEK RAGE screen protector will include a clean toolkit in the package. Before installing the screen protector, please follow the instruction in the package to clean the screen. Please make sure there is no more dirt or dust on the screen so you can continue installing the screen protector. The environment will also have an influence on cleaning, please try to find the places with less dust and abundant humidity.

Can I exchange or replace my screen protector?
Of course. If you are not satisfied with our product, and the product is defective, we will send you a free screen protector as a replacement or you will receive a refund.